Mouth Water-ers

Come on in,  PASA ADELANTE!

CLICK on each picture and you will see our beautiful babies, the SWEETIES, in stunning photo sessions, begging to be admired and enjoyed by you, their fans.

 Aren´t they true Mouth Water-ers? 

Click on me. I´m Tres Leches, THE STAR…but don´t tell the ones below!

 Psst…Its me, Cuatro Leches, click here, as I´m the Best!   Caramelo, Coco o Queso? Click on us Flanes, and see if you can tell who is who. Hola! If you love chocolate, browse me. Love,Chocoleches.  Wanna meet? Browse me…soy Arroz con Leche. Click on me and…sighhh! Soy el Suspiro Limeño, from Peru We are both from Nicaragua! PioV&Torta Borracha, para servirles. Wanna pick inside our FACTORY? Here´s a sneak preview.