Our Sweeties


 The ‘leches’


3 Leches • Tres Leches Cake • Torta Tres Leches

This is our factory´s lead SUPERSTAR!  The Tres Leches dessert is most definitely an all-time Latin American symbol, and our original formula has been the best in Miami (and South Florida) for more than 25 years. We combined the traditional Nicaraguan recipe with our own personal, multicultural, delicious touch, and the result is this fluffy sponge cake, dunked  (and we mean REALLY soaked) in a luscious, unique blend of milks and cream (‘TRES’ in total) and covered with our exclusive, homemade style, all natural, shinny, virtually fat free Italian meringue.  It comes, of course, with a cherry on top!  Upon request, our 3 Leches can also be topped with fresh berries (seasonal) for a BERRY chic finish!  

 cuatro leches24 Leches •  Four Milks Cake • Torta Cuatro Leches

 We already talked about our heavenly, mouthwatering Tres Leches, so if you are curious as to where the fourth  milk is in our Cuatro Leches, here is a hint: irresistibleDulce de Leche’ , Caramel Topping , Arequipe’ , ‘Manjar Blanco’, ‘Cajeta’,  Leche Quemada…Whatever name you choose, if you are a Dulce de Leche lover like we are, you´ve GOT to try our Cuatro Leches!   And if you are still wondering, let us clarify…   YES, the   fourth milk IS on top!  

choco5Chocoleches • Chocolate Tres Leches 

Stir in some chocolate syrup, and add top quality melted semi sweet chocolate to our Tres Leches Milk blend and you will get this “guilty conscience-er” chocolate dessert, the favorite of our younger fans! Who as a boy or girl did not love “leche achocolatada” (chocolate milk)? Top it with cookies and cream (optional)  and we guarantee,  your kid will feel in heaven! PLUS, this is a very nutritious dessert, rich in protein.  DO blame us if your little one is sharper and full of energy after devouring a CHOCOLECHES!

3leches3Tres Leches con Ron  • Rum Tres Leches

Our original three milks blend is upgraded (adults only, please!) with the tropically finest RUM, and the result is a “PONCHE-like” experience you will most likely reserve for those ‘ocasiones especiales’… if you know what we mean ; ) 

arroz-con-lecheArroz con Leche  •  Rice Pudding 

Every single time we are making this deliciously creamy dessert, we can´t help to hum the traditional Spanish lullaby that goes like this

‘Arroz con Leche me quiero casar…. ‘

We obtain this not-too-smooth,  not-quite-al dente, perfectly tender Valencia rice texture, cooking it  just the precise time needed  for it to absorb the sweetness and creamy texture of both condensed and evaporated milk. Natural cinnamon sticks are added at the exact point in time to make this pudding IRRESISTIBLE!  

We know  better, so now we sing…’Arroz con Leche me quiero ENDULZAR‘!


The ‘flanes’

flan caram 3

Flan de Caramelo • Caramel Custard

We put together abuela´s ‘quesillo’, ‘leche volteada’ ‘flan de leche acaramelado’ ‘leche asada’ ‘pudim  de leite condensado’ ‘crème caramel’ and granny´s caramel custard to create our unique caramel flan recipe. We then added a touch of natural orange peel for scent, and made-from-scratch , bitter sweet caramel to complete this delectable experience. Our caramel flan is out-this-world good, guaranteed! 

flan quesoFlan de Queso • Cream Cheese Flan 

This is the ‘cremoso’ version of our caramel flan, and its luscious, soft consistency is thanks to the premium cream cheese that we generously add to the recipe, together with creamy condensed milk and other  irresistible ingredients that, put together, help make this flan one of our clients´ favorites.


flan coco2Flan de Coco• Coconut Flan 

This Carribean buddy has it all: the creamy, soft texture of the most tender custard mixed with the tropical, unique flavor and flaky consistency of the best quality coconut, and natural coconut milk for added flavor. Makes us wanna sing ‘vamos a la playa, oh oh oh….´’


The ‘beyond’s

arroz-con-lechePio V• Pio Quinto 

Originally from Nicaragua, this heavenly dessert is known to be named after 16th century Pope Pius V.  Its base is BIZCOCHO or sponge cake soaked in liquored and spiced syrup(SOPA BORRACHA or DRUNK SOUP),  bathed by a glorious vanilla custard and topped with sweet plums and a touch of cinnamon. 

suspiro2Suspiro de Limeña • Limean Sigh 

 From the capital city of Peru, Lima, comes this exquisiteness that is expected to get any Limean lady that tries it to sighSUSPIRAR out of pure delight, enjoyment and satisfaction…sighhh       Handmade, this slow cooked dulce de leche based, creamy custard is topped with Port wine based meringue and a hint of cinnamon….uhmm         So, if you want to make your lady sigh, make sure you get her one of these, even if she is not from Lima ; )