Let´s Meet!

Hello, there!

 We feel superEMOCIONADOS’ that you stopped by.

If you have a craving, yet demanding sweet tooth like we do,

  if you love to enjoy and share SWEETNESS , just like us,

if you won´t  settle for less than SUPERIOR QUALITYwhy should you?-,

 if you are a LATINO dessert lover –like WE are-,

 or even if you own a restaurant, or a catering biz, and want your customers to wrap up their dining experience with the best ‘DULCE’  touch you can possibly provide them, 

  if you are any –or all!– of the above, you have come to the right place.

Let´s start with honesty time. YES. We admit it.

Every day we immodestly brag about making South Florida´s BEST Latin Desserts. YES. We ARE biased. But this is not without a base.

You see, our desserts are like our babies, so no matter how many of these we make daily, we still pamper them, ONE BY ONE, meticulously, with love, dedication, and supreme ‘cariño’. We use the best ingredients we can possibly find. We do not add any preservatives, or artificial flavors, or colors. And, YES, we make them ‘Abuela´s style‘..from scratch! 

These are some the reasons why so many people agree we make THE BEST____________ (fill in the blank with ANY of our desserts) that they´ve EVER had!

…and a little history

In 2009, when we discovered this little shop located in Doral, Florida (we then nicknamed it THE best kept secret in the Miami’s dessert lovers community), we could not conceive there was one single person anywhere in Doral or its surroundings that hadn´t had the privilege to enjoy these absolutely HEAVENLY desserts. 

A respectable, hard working Nicaraguan couple had founded the factory 25 years from then, first as a home based business, and then at that very same cozy store for over 10 years, back then! This couple had decided to retire, but did not want to pass on their marvelous recipes, their expertise, and their know-how to just anyone out there. 

They just HAD to be convinced their lifelong business would be run by the right people, who would keep the tradition of high quality, the use of only natural ingredients, the total absence of preservatives and, especially, the LOVE and SWEETNESS in the creative process.

´ADIVINASTE’! We were those people, and our first mission was to turn this well kept secret into a LOUD, POPULAR one.  We DID do some changes, though… but for the better!

We added more value to the already awesome recipes, we put on even more of the good stuff that was already in them,we made them with renovated, fresher love,and what seemed impossible happened…WE IMPROVED THEM!

 And what had to happen, did.

Fast forward to today, we have quadrupled the amount of loyal clients, which means our desserts, our SWEET BABIES, our loved ´DULCES´ are in four times more family parties, in 400 percent more office meetings, and in 4 times more Thanksgiving and Holiday tables, than 4 years ago!

 But we will NOT be satisfied until YOU try them. No more well kept secrets. This is IT. It is our  duty and OBLIGATION to make sure OUR SWEETIES, our dear BABIES, get to sweeten even more family parties,  and are enjoyed all over.

We are crossing over to the world. We are crossing over to YOU. 

So come on in,  ‘PASA ADELANTE’.

Browse our menu. Decide what you crave for. And give us the privilege to provide it.

You will not only thank us for the rest of your life…You will soon be bragging, too! 

Welcome (Bienvenidos) to Sweetness Heaven

  With Love,

 TLF&b´s dulce Team


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