They stole the show…again!

Once again, our MINIS made their way to success! They stole the show and took over the leading role last night at a wedding in elegant Coral Gables, FL. Maria Muci commeted, in impecabble ‘spanglish’: “These dulces are so good I think I will skip the comida salada!” Ivan Martinez  said it was a shame […]

3 Leches

  3 Leches • Tres Leches Cake • Torta Tres Leches This is our factory´s lead SUPERSTAR!  The Tres Leches dessert is most definitely an all-time Latin American symbol, and our original formula has been the best in Miami (and South Florida) for more than 25 years. We combined the traditional Nicaraguan recipe with our own […]


 Flan de Caramelo • Caramel Custard We put together abuela´s ‘quesillo’, ‘leche volteada’ ‘flan de leche acaramelado’ ‘leche asada’ ‘pudim  de leite condensado’ ‘crème caramel’ and granny´s caramel custard to create our unique caramel flan recipe. We then added a touch of natural orange peel for scent, and made-from-scratch , bitter sweet caramel to complete this […]

Arroz con Leche

Arroz con Leche  •  Rice Pudding  Every single time we are making this deliciously creamy dessert, we can´t help to hum the traditional Spanish lullaby that goes like this ‘Arroz con Leche me quiero casar…. ‘ We obtain this not-too-smooth,  not-quite-al dente, perfectly tender Valencia rice texture, cooking it  just the precise time needed  for it to absorb […]

4 Leches

4 Leches •  Four Milks Cake • Torta Cuatro Leches  We already talked about our heavenly, mouthwatering Tres Leches, so if you are curious as to where the fourth  milk is in our Cuatro Leches, here is a hint: irresistible ‘Dulce de Leche’ , Caramel Topping , ‘Arequipe’ , ‘Manjar Blanco’, ‘Cajeta’,  Leche Quemada…Whatever name you choose, if […]

Premiando Esfuerzo con Dulzura

Gracias al Doral Family Journal entregamos certificados de Tres Leches Fatory and beyond a los mejores alumnos del K8 Dr Rolando Espinoza!