TLF&b says: Meet mini me!

mini2Extra, Extra! Smallest versions of TLF&b´s already famous desserts are INVADING anniversary celebrations, ‘bodas’, birthday parties, ‘quinces’, and any TRENDY, FANCY celebration you can think of!

-What were they thinking?– bigger desserts said JEALOUSLY when we interviewed them yesterday- That only because they are cute and petite they can take OUR place in modern, elegant events? – And then the bigger trays added–  Yeah! Who do they think they are, huh?mini3

TLF&b itself had to come, in person, to calm the bigger SWEETIES. In defense of  “the Minis”, His Eminence said: -Even though your guys are a loyal, true representation of my Royal Self, these puny little babies are my tiny, mini portrayals and, as such, they deserve appreciation and infinite recognition.- Next, TLF&b declared, very ceremoniously- I DEMAND to all of  you, our classic desserts and SWEETIES,to let our fans, friends and clients meet and enjoy these teeny, petite buddies as they are no more and no less than… MINI ME! 

So here they are…enjoy!

And make sure you order them for your next fancy event! Our bigger sweeties will still be jealous, but they know in the bottom of their sponge cake (or heart!), that even though the Minis are tiny in size, they are HUGE in flavor!