3 Leches



3 Leches • Tres Leches Cake • Torta Tres Leches

This is our factory´s lead SUPERSTAR!  The Tres Leches dessert is most definitely an all-time Latin American symbol, and our original formula has been the best in Miami (and South Florida) for more than 25 years. We combined the traditional Nicaraguan recipe with our own personal, multicultural, delicious touch, and the result is this fluffy sponge cake, dunked  (and we mean REALLY soaked) in a luscious, unique blend of milks and cream (‘TRES’ in total) and covered with our exclusive, homemade style, all natural, shinny, virtually fat free Italian meringue.  It comes, of course, with a cherry on top!  Upon request, our 3 Leches can also be topped with fresh berries (seasonal) for a BERRY chic finish!